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1. How Do I Join?

Ask the referral link from the person who shared you this opportunity. Click Join Now or Register button and fill out the form. Enter your first name, last name, city, state or province, country, valid and working email address, desired username, password and security code (captcha). Click Join Money Makers Hub.

Check your email for the confirmation email that is sent to you. Click on the link provide to activate your account. If you haven't received an email, request to resend it again. If the problem still persist please contact support.

To complete your signup you MUST purchase at least one (1) ad pack (positions) starting with Basic 1 Level or Basic 2 Level. Once your purchase is confirmed by your sponsor you can now purchase another ad pack from any levels in the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium Levels.

When you have made your payment go to the Pending Payment page and complete the transaction info. Your sponsor will then have 48 hours to approve your payment so that you too can start receiving payment and start earning.

Note: If your sponsor has not approved your payment in that time contact Support providing your payment information or proof of payment.

2. How do I update my Payment Info?

Others will not be able to pay you if your payment preferences are not set up. It is recommended to use Bitcoin because it is universally accepted and convenient to use. However, you can opt to use other modes of payment depending on what is convenient to both of you, the payee and the receiver. Just contact him/her through the contact details you provided.

Login to your account, click on Payment Info in the member's menu and enter your Bitcoin wallet address.

You can also choose to receive payment through other modes of payments like Paypal, STP, Perfect Money, Western Union, Moneygram, Cash, Pera Padala Centers, Smartmoney, Gcash etc. or deposit to your local bank account by entering your email address or the messenger name and contact number on the Others box (Ex: yourname@youremail.com or Whatsapp-0639174449999 or Skype - moreprofits). Members who will be paying you need to contact you first to agree on how to send the payment.

TIP: It is recommended to download and install the Whatsapp app on your Android or IOS device so that you can send and receive text messages internationally.

3. What mode of payment can members use?

It is recommended that members of Money Makers Hub will use BITCOIN for fast, easy and convenient transaction. You can get a free bitcoin wallet with Coinbase and fund it by purchasing bitcoins from Coinbase itself or if buying and selling is not available in your country you can buy from localbitcoins.com. Click here for more info about Bitcoins.

For Philippine residents, you can get a free bitcoin wallet with Coins.ph and you can buy bitcoins from them.

4. What are other fees do I have to pay?

There are no other fees collected. You only pay once and can re-invest from your profits.

5. When will I get paid?

Money Makers Hub uses a 1x7 regular forced matrix system. You are only allowed 7 people in each level. When you refer more than 7 people they will be placed under your downlines causing a spillover for them. When you or your upline places new members in your downline they will get paid directly and instantly by that new member. When your matrix is almost filled, you can purchase more ad packs for more income.

6. Do I need to sponsor others to get paid?

No, you do not need to sponsor anyone if your purpose is only to advertise in our site. However, if your sponsor refers more people you can get spillover from him or her. This may take a longer time for you to earn. BUT, if ALL bring in at least 3 people to our program it will shorten the time for you to get paid.

The secret formula to make money is 1 + 3 = financial freedom. It means EVERYONE will bring in at least 3 people who will purchase at least the Basic 1 Level or the Basic 2 Level.

7. When and how do I upgrade?

When you have received payments from 2 persons in any matrix, you need to purchase a position in the next level. Our matrices need only 7 members to fill that level. You will not earn any more from this level unless you purchase again a position in same level (re-entry) and move up to the next level.

Since our matrix is narrow (7 persons wide) it is fast moving with lots of spillover and spillunder. For this reason, it is best to upgrade to as higher level as possible to avoid losing any higher upgrade payments.

8. Do I need to purchase a position or advertising pack?

Yes, you need to purchase a position to at least Basic 1 Level or Basic 2 Level in order to activate your account and be able to receive payments. Only paid accounts are placed into the 1 x 7 forced matrix system. You can also immediately purchase positions in higher levels.

9. What is a 1x7 matrix and how does it work?

We are using a 1x7 forced matrix. In a 1x7 forced matrix you only have 7 members on your first level paying you $2.00 each making you a total of $14.00 for the Basic 1 Level. As soon as you earn $4.00 you can purchase a position in the Basic 2 Level to start receiving $4.00 each from your Basic 1 Level members. Make sure that you upgrade to the next level before your downlines do otherwise you will lose money from their upgrades.

When your sponsor refers more than 7 people it will be placed under his/her downlines thus causing a spillover. This is the beauty of a forced matrix system.

10. How long before my payment is approved?

It is best to contact first the person you are going to pay so that he or she will be aware that you are going to send money and he/she can approve your payment right away in his/her backoffice.

Normally, after you made the payment to your upline, they have 48 hours to confirm your payment. Just make sure to submit a screenshot of your payment and your bitcoin wallet address for fast confirmation. Incomplete details will prolong your approval by the receiver. If they don't confirm your payment within 48 hours after paying them, you can contact the support and ask them to investigate after submitting your payment receipt.

11. What would I do if I received a pending payment notice from a member?

This indicates that one of our members has paid you for their upgrade level and is waiting for you to confirm it. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR PAYMENT PROCESSOR ACCOUNTS BEFORE CONFIRMING PAYMENTS!

Login to your Money Makers Hub account and go to the Pending Payments Page. If you have verified the receipt of the payment, you can now click to approve the payment.

12. Can I have more than one account?

It is not necessary as you can purchase as many ad packs or positions as you like in one single account. With 1 account you only need to monitor this account.

Members of the same household using the same IP address can join using a different username and email.

13. Can I request for refund for my payment?

We do not offer refund due to the nature of our product which is virtual (advertising credits). Besides all payments are sent to the members which we don't have control of.

14. Can I pay with credit or debit card?

Yes you can add funds into your own Payza, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, or OkPay account via credit card or debit card and send it to your Bitcoin wallet address

15. What will I do if I lost my password?

Use the Forgot Password option to ask the system to send you your username and password.

16. Do I need to pay taxes?

As a citizen of your country you are required to pay taxes, however it is your responsibility to do so.

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